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My Accountancy Business Background...

I have to admit that when I left school Accountancy Services were not initially the first career path I had in mind!  I believed my future was in the Travel and Tourism industry and was delighted to secure a job with British Midland International Airways (BMI) in the Revenue Accounts Department. 


I stayed at BMI for six years and whilst progressing up the ladder in their busy Accounts Department, I realised that Accountancy was where my heart really lay. I therefore ensured that future appointments over the next few years offered me experience in every aspect of Accounting Services along with responsibility and accountability taking me upto Assistance Financial Controller.


Once I had decided that Accountancy Services would be my future, I thought it was time to work towards some official and recognised qualifications. I therefore studied during the evenings for 3 years heading towards becoming an Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) Qualification.  I decided to complete the final and most challenging year of study on a 'distance learning' basis, working on my own after work and at weekends, which meant I had to be particularly disciplined, self motivated and focused.


I have to say, 'distance learning' did have its challenges, but it made me develop the work ethic I practise today in my own Accounting Business and it helped me understand how difficult it can be to balance full time employment with family life, studying and a business to run!  I can honestly say that 'time management' now comes naturally to me and of course my clients benefit from this too!


Having qualified in January 2015, I couldn't wait to start my own Accounting Business and in June of that year Clarity Accounting Solutions was formed and I was delighted to become a Member in Practice (MIP) and be fully supported by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).


Working in several accounting positions over the years has given me an all round knowledge and experience which I pass on to my clients in an approachable, professional and friendly manner. I understand that small businesses owners quite often struggle to find time for regular bookkeeping and dealing with HMRC can seem sometimes daunting.


As a small business owner your time is precious and developing your business is your prioity and the Accounts can get behind. This is where I can help, allowing you to enjoy running and nurturing your business and having time for family, friends and a social life!



Shelley Gamble

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